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Complete Currency Trader Review – Is It The Real Deal?

Foreign Exchange is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. Every day, billions of dollars change hands. So if you’re clever, you can make money through Forex even in a dwindling economy! Unfortunately, Forex is very complicated and if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be highly risky. This is where the Complete Currency Trader comes into the picture. This training system claims to be able to let you trade in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes reward. So is it just another scam or is it the real deal? Find out in this unbiased Complete Currency Trader review.

What exactly is Complete Currency Trader?

This is an educational program on Forex trading. It contains all the material and tools that you require to make profitable trades on a consistent and reliable basis. Learn the money-making secrets of the top 1% and emulate their success. The program claims that your wins will outweigh your losses by far and that your capital will always be safe. The whole objective of Complete Currency Trader is to prepare you to trade successfully at highest levels.

Who created Complete Currency Trader?

The company is based in London and the creator of the program is James Edward. He is assisted by Brian Stickney. James served as a Royal Marine and later became a bodyguard for celebs and affluent businesspersons. He was fascinated by the opulent lifestyle of the wealthy and he too aspired to be rich someday.

James began to take a keen interest in trading and became a professional trader in 2006. Being blessed with a highly analytical mind, he quickly rose through the ranks and became a hedge fund manager. He noticed that many people shied away from Forex (despite it having massive potential) simply because it was too difficult. He also noticed that newbie traders often incurred huge losses in Forex. He decided to create a fool-proof system that would help newbies as well as pros to trade safely and profitably – this led to the birth of Complete Currency Trader.

Brian is also a pro trader, he lives in Las Vegas – Nevada. In 2012, Brian achieved massive success with Edward’s Complete Currency Trader. He was so impressed by the system that he actually working for Edward! This dynamic duo has assisted thousands of people to become financially independent. James has a very radical philosophy on trading. He says that if you want to become like the top 1%, then you must think and act like them. You should avoid the crowd at all costs!

How Does It Work?

Here are some of the program’s defining features and tools

The Currency Strength Indicator meticulously analyses 28 pairs of currencies and tells you how weak or strong a currency is, with respect to others. You will learn how to use this tool to make profitable trades. Every day, James and Stickney release videos on how the market performed and explain the logic behind their trades. This grooms you to think like them. Over time, you’ll develop the mind-set and the intuition to trade with confidence – your bank account will also begin to look like that of a pro!

The Compounding Calculator shows your projected profits. It shows you how much you can make by reinvesting profits. It saves a lot of hassle and enables you to make rational decisions. The PIP value calculator helps you to determine the profitability of a potential trade and the amount of time you need to stay in that particular trade. The program contains several other tools that take into account a variety of factors to help you get the most out of your trades. You will learn how to use these tools effectively and dynamically. You can also get 1.5 hours of LIVE interactive training with James Edward himself!


1) Proven system with rave reviews

2) Money back guarantee

3) You’ll develop a deep understanding of Forex. This is a highly specialized skill potentially worth millions of dollars.


1) You will need to invest some capital for trading. If you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, this program is probably not right for you. Ask any wealthy person and they’ll tell you that in order to make money, you need to invest money.

2) You actually have to devote time to learn and practise the concepts explain in the program.

3) This program will groom you to become an investor. It cannot help you unless you get rid of your scarcity mind-set.

Final Verdict:

The Complete Currency Trader is the perfect program for you if you wish to become a successful Forex trader. Only join this program is you are fully committed to getting rich – it does not work if you are a quitter!